Courtney Haskell, Event SpecialistEvent Specialist Courtney Haskell, has a passion for executing the perfect event. The more formal the better for this Massachusetts native. It’s no surprise that Courtney’s style and The State Room are a perfect match. Courtney dishes on her event style, favorite details and turning events into 5 Star fetes.

My event style can be best described as classic and sophisticated with impeccable attention to detail.  I am attracted to décor that is clean and chic with a touch of playful.  Lately I have been drawn to all whites and anything that glitters – whether a romantic arrangement full of baby’s breath or a room washed in sparkling (LED!) candles.

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Born and raised in Massachusetts I also love New England’s changing seasons and will often use them as inspiration – for example a pumpkin re-purposed as a vase or crystal sugar made to look like snow on a wedding cake.  My favorite events are formal affairs that encourage guests to dress up and enjoy being glamorous for the evening.  From décor to menu to service – I aim to make my bride and groom, as well as each and every guest attending, feel like royalty for a night.

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While décor is always an important facet of every wedding, the details can also be found in service – such as a bridal attendant with hairspray before you even ask or a wedding band singer who mysteriously knows your sister’s favorite song.  Regardless of how many times I watch I am endlessly impressed by our fabulous synchronized service and its ability to always wow our guests.  A beautiful room is important, but thoughtful and attentive staff are essential in executing a first-class event.  Service and attention to detail are what set my events, and Longwood Events, apart from any other.

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Krista Guenin Photography

One of my great passions, and what originally attracted me to the event industry, is food.  I love trying new restaurants and will always order the most interesting or unusual thing on the menu.  I like to bring this sense of adventure and creativity to my menu planning with brides and grooms.  My absolute favorite course, however, is dessert! Cupcakes, macarons, cake-pops and anything and everything chocolate.  And don’t forget the champagne – nothing puts me in the mood for a wedding celebration more than a glass of bubbly.

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