Elegant and simple luxury is what Longwood does best. So it’s no surprise we absolutely adore beach tent weddings, especially on Cape Cod. We’ve put together a guide of everything you need to know when planning an alfresco affair.

The most popular tent styles for wedding parties are tension pole tents (also known as, center-pole tents) and frame tents. Tension pole tents are visually striking from the exterior and interior, with central poles and perimeter poles, that are secured by rope to create a tight look. Frame tents maximize the use of the space by having the tent top attached to a tent frame, eliminating the need for center poles.

With tents, the possibilities are endless. Unlike traditional venues, the bride & groom have the option to create the environment they desire from scratch. Within the tent you can have multiple chambers or anterooms: a lounge with sofas for mingling, or a receiving room with a bar – making it easy to control the flow of the night.


While Nature provides a breathtaking backdrop every step of the way, from cocktail hour at sunset to a night of dancing beneath the stars, lighting for the event is crucial. Lighting can completely transform the way a tent looks. Hanging tea lights or glowing lanterns, for example, can add a touch of romance & whimsy to brighten up your evening.

It’s important to consider the flooring when preparing for a tented wedding. Often, the tent company will need to inspect the area where you plan to set up. Ideally, the ground is level, so that platforms do not need to be brought in to even out the surface. At Wychmere Beach Club in Cape Cod, your guests have the option of burying their toes in a warm, white sand or having the comfort of our wood paneled floors (doubles as dancing floor after dinner).

Be inspired by the outdoors for your décor. We find that natural wonders (like shells and starfish) or nautical details, can add touch of charm & whimsy to any party. Visit our Pinterest for more ideas from our experts.



Nothing is more romantic than saying “I do” on the beach, so why not stand out? Take advantage of the stunning New England setting. A beach front wedding, especially on Cape Cod, is a breath of fresh air – sophisticated and surprising, without being uptight.

Longwood makes it easy for couples to host a beachside wedding in Rhode Island or Cape Cod. Working within the range of your budget, our planners take care of the tent set-up so that brides don’t even have to interact with the rental companies. They can rest easy knowing that everything will be ready to go on their big day. Happy planning!


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