We are excited to introduce Guest Blogger Semia of Flowers by Semia. Semia will be sharing with us her current floral inspiration, how she likes to incorporate it into weddings, and how she wants to style it for future Longwood Brides!!
I fell in love with air plants about a year ago. You might say they are the new succulent. And by that I mean they are the new “ultra organic” element that has got me swooning. Much like succulents, I love them paired with flowers…..especially really lush flowers. There’s something special about the juxtaposition of an abundance of blown open garden roses and peonies, with the unexpected placement of an air plant. They are both crazy intense in their own right.
Xenographica is my favorite tislandia. A soft gray green with curved tendrils that if you look at them long enough, seem to be swirling right before your very eyes.
They are sort of mysterious, they are very hardy, and I’m as equally attracted to the large varieties as I am the miniatures. Just look at an air plant boutonniere and you’ll know what I mean. Or a bridal bouquet whose main focus is an oversized tislandia. Yes, I’m definitely swooning over these beauties.


Air plants are also beautiful when paired with wood elements. Driftwood, Cypress root, Manzanita…….you name it. They both soften and compliment the earthiness of the wood….kind of perfect for an event held on the coast, where the earth meets the sea.


This year I want to pair air plants with crystals for a wedding. And by crystals I do not mean bling!!!!! I mean natural crystals, and geodes and other fabulous rock specimens. Calling all future  Belle Merbrides!!!!! Does anyone want to explore this with me? Can you see it? Fabulous florals enhanced with amazingly gorgeous rock crystals and moments of tremendous specimen air plants???? Tons of candles everywhere whose light will reflect against all the many facets of the stones??? Impressive stones, gems and geodes complimenting the already chic Belle Mer decor???? I think I’m in love…..let me know if you are too!
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Photo Courtesy of: Adeline & Grace


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