Venessa is the quintessential Belle Mer Senior Event Specialist. The crystal chandeliers and grand ceilings of the Salon are the perfect hosts for her vision of tall, all white centerpieces,


rosette linens, and a room full of sparkle.

She believes the more BLING brought in, the better!

One of Venessa’s favorite trends is the elaborate ‘wishing tree’ to make a statement as guests enter the room. Having the tree dripping in white flower blossoms and diamonds really makes for an over the top décor piece that guests will rave about for months!



Along with making a dramatic statement in the ever so gorgeous Salon, Venessa can’t live without Event lighting! She believes it is super important to make an impact. Some colors she adores in the space are deep purple and blue tones that soak up the all-white décor and create a modern and sophisticated atmosphere that can only enhance the dance party!!!
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