Enter the stylish world of Heather Valeri and you will encounter all things rustic and romantic. Her DIY spirit makes her a welcome addition as an event specialist at Wychmere Beach Club.

When Heather isn’t busy planning weddings, all of her free time is spent outdoors. Rustic touches are one of her expertise. The seaside setting of Wychmere attracted her instantly and she always enjoys a good nautical theme. A believer that simplicity is key, Heather enjoys creating events that show off the rich character of the venue.

Etsy is Heather’s go-to site to seek inspiration. Handmade touches are what set her weddings apart. Heather takes the time necessary to make sure that every detail has significance. Especially when it comes to sourcing local items that tie-in to a wedding.

Each couple has their own story and Heather is on a mission to share these stories through design. Ditch the glitz and glamour (unless that’s your thing ofcourse!) and let her show off your unique style as a couple! Get to know Heather better by following her on Pinterest.

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