Some weddings just simply speak to you…
Maris and Jason certainly created that awestruck feeling when they paired with Belle Mer, Details with Love and GreenlionDesign to create a simple, yet glamorous seaside affair.


Photographer, Steve DePino was there to make sure their special moments and devoted attentionton to detail did not go uncaptured:

If the beautiful details and happy expresions in this wedding aren’t enough to make you sob and crazed for love… wait until you hear their story!

Maris and Jason met at their college in California where they became fast friends. After two years of friendship, they began dating (something all of their friends had been waiting for)! After college they were sadly forced to enter a long distance relationship as Jason began his career hopping all over the country and Maris settled in at grad school in Atlanta.
Two years of distance was enough for this duo… they moved to Houston and began their perfect tradition of visiting Napa Valley for their anniversary.
Each year they would buy a bottle of wine to save and open on their next anniversary.

If this isn’t the most adorable tradition you’ve ever heard of, we are at a complete loss!


This tradition sparked the rest of their wine inspired wedding. These gorgeous wine barrles flanked Belle Mer‘s fireplace for their ceremony creating a special and meaningful statement.

Our wedding had lots of special touches that our photographer Steve Depino and videographer Jeff Brouillet captured beautifully. Before the ceremony, our parents and officiants each wrote a letter to us, and Jason and I wrote one to each other. During the ceremony we
sealed these notes in a box with a bottle of wine (picked out on a tasting in Napa).
We will open this box on our tenth anniversary, share the wine and read the notes,
before writing new ones to each other and re-sealing the box.
Greenlion Design did an amazing job taking their vision and transforming it into something completely unique and special.
They couldn’t have wished for a better day – the sun was perfectly golden as the couple snuck away for a little alone time after dinner.
The happiness in their smiles melts our hearts… everyone should have the chance to feel the kind of love this couple so evidently feels for eachother.
Happy. Young. and In Love.



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