When most people think of Newport, RI, images of sunshine, sand, and sailboats come to mind. Of course, the city by the sea is known for its beautiful summer season – the stately mansions lining Bellevue Avenue serve as an extravagant reminder that Newport was the summer home of choice for the movers and shakers of the Gilded Age. It therefore comes as no surprise that Newport is a prime destination for weddings during the warmer months.

However, for brides on a budget, or simply looking for something a little different, Newport’s off-season can be a great choice for a wedding. Granted, the weather may be a little too chilly for an outdoor ceremony, but there are a number of reasons to host a Newport wedding during the cooler months.

For starters, it’s a great cost-saver. If you’ve always dreamt of a Newport wedding but don’t have a peak-season budget, consider November through April. Not only is venue pricing more flexible, but so are hotel rates, rehearsal dinner sites, and possibly vendors as well.

Because summer weddings remain the standard, a winter wedding provides the opportunity for brides to create a truly unique experience. Snow is a beautiful backdrop for wedding pictures – a shot of the wedding party having a snowball fight or building a snowman makes a fun memento. A winter wedding could be classic and regal in rich jewel tones, or chic and modern with an all-white snowflake theme. A faux-fur shrug or elegant coat is a great accessory for a wedding dress, while bridesmaids and groomsmen can wear tweed, velvet, or another winter-weight fabric.

Some months in the off-season may not be cold enough for snow, but each has its own charm. An “April Showers” theme, with matching galoshes and umbrellas for the bridesmaids, would be a cute spin on April’s notoriously rainy weather (and if the wedding day turns out sunny, it’s a win-win situation!). Bring friends and family together with a cozy, intimate reception to celebrate the Thanksgiving season, or throw a wild party on St. Patrick’s Day to celebrate Irish heritage (or simply as an excuse to serve Bailey’s as a signature drink!). Of course, there’s always Valentine’s Day – what better time to celebrate a wedding than the national day of love? Go traditional with red linens, roses, and lots of chocolate, or try a more contemporary style with multiple shades of pink, a candy bar, and escort cards written on Valentines.

I’d love to see more off-season weddings at Belle Mer! While summer weddings are always gorgeous (they’re the standard for a reason!), hopefully this post will inspire a bride (or two) to brave the weather and book her big day in Newport’s off-season.

(Image by Snap! Photography)

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