{ iPhone Apps that will revolutionize wedding photos! }
Your professional photographer will get all the glamour shots for the day, but sometimes nothing compares to the candid shots your guests take!
These fantastic apps were created to ensure you don’t miss out on your wedding day through your guests’ eyes.
Capture your wedding from 100 different perspectives
Think Instagram– but better!

I know, I know… what could be better than Instagram?! Not much, BUT Wedding Snap take

photo sharing to the next level! By purchasing a package you will have access to:
1 FULL year subscription
Unlimited Albums – to keep track of ALL wedding events
{ Bridal Shower, Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties, Rehearsal Dinner… }
Downloadable Prints in Super High Quality
200 Instruction Cards for your Guests
{ Send out with your Invites! }
Moderated Slide Show
Could be a GREAT surprise gift for a Bride & Groom!

Wedding Party brought to you by my wedding is a simple, fun, { FREE } app your guests can download!

The best part: photos are arranged in a “wedding timeline” according to the time they were taken. This means, at the end of the night you and your guests have an INSTANT, full recap of everything that happened throughout the day… how fun?!

Didn’t have time to register for these apps ahead of time? No problem, use Instagram and simply tell people to hashtag a certain catchy wedding phrase. That way, when you click the hashtag, voilà!!! Pictures of your wedding in one spot!

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