What to give the girls who are giving you everything?
Go Big or Go Homedoes not necessarily have to be the case when choosing a gift for your best gal pals. When it comes to your bridesmaids, thoughtful, appreciative, and timeless keepsakes will always win out.
Keep in mind everything they are doing for you out of love and happiness; and remember to treat them with the same admiration.


Going through the process of selecting the perfect gift is not an easy task. Most likely your bridesmaids will vary in age as well as in style… so trying to please everyone can be difficult! A good place to start is to determine how much you are financially asking from your girls.
Your gift to them should reciprocate that spending; either in value or in thoughtfulness to show them just how unbelievably grateful you are.
If you are strapped to more of a budget for these gifts than you might like, Pinterest will be your new (or even better) best friend. There are millions of rhyming, matching, adorable craft ideas out there for you to recreate or put your own personal spin on!

| Some of our DIY favorites |
:: A Monogrammed Bag with their Initials ::
To put day of nick-nacks in & to use forever! Maybe even stuff them with some fun *girly* things!
:: Personalized Dress Hanger ::
Useful for day of  wedding pictures & for all their fancy dresses in the future!


| And some of our purchased favorites |

:: Jewelry Tucked Away Inside a Travel Makeup Case ::
Even if the jewlery isn’t their style to wear beyond the wedding day, a cute make-up bag will always come in handy!
(especially if they match your wedding colors & patterns!)


 :: Silk Robes – Pamper Yourself ::

Monogrammed, Color Coordinated… whatever path you choose your girls will love getting pampered  in their robes!


If you know you are asking too much of your bridesmaids { dresses, shoes, bridal shower, bachellorette party… } and have enough money in your budget, you could always forgo a gift and opt to pay for their hair and makeup on the day of the wedding!
:: Attach a handwritten note on a piece of beautiful stationary, and you’ve got a gift! ::
(of course we encourage a  handwritten note with all gifts, like these cute ones from etsy!)

The bottom line is to pick a gift that won’t end up stashed in a drawer full of pens and post its. The best way to avoid this is to ask yourself “would I want this?” If the answer is YES! You have a winner… if the answer is NO! Keep searching… 
(It will be worth it to find the gift that will bring tears to their eyes and a smile to their face)

We will be pinning more gift ideas throughout the wedding season – so make sure you keep up with the latest trends!

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