Before the hustle and bustle of wedding season kicks off every year, our event specialists at LONGWOOD gather together to talk and discuss the upcoming trends.


As we were chatting about linens and florals and signage and favors, we came to the conclusion that now more than ever there are so many décor elements that can be added to create a more personalized experience for you and your hubby!
2013 is bound to be the most intricate and detailed wedding season yet!
With Pinterest being a major contributor in the DIY segment of weddings, it is hard NOT to get creative! However, if you are looking for some expert insight to glam up your day… read on!





 { Sarah: Flowers? What Flowers? }


Formal centerpieces are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Brides and Florists are leaning towards more original concepts like braches, succulents and cloches.

 { Bior: Lights – Camera – Action }

Lighting is one of the greatest resources we have for drastic impressions. Depending on the tone, brightness, and ‘texture’, lighting can set the mood, create excitement and draw attention. And best of all, it can turn a drab space into something spectacular!



 { Cindy: “Can’t repeat the past? Why of course you can!” F. Scott Fitzgerald }
We all know the recreation of The Great Gatsby is on its way into theatres, and with that a reemergence of the Roaring 20’s is coming along with it! Yes, peacock feathers, pearls and regal tones are coming back!
See it all at the State Room’s Wedding Showcase on February 28th!
 { Emily : Organic – ‘not just for groceries anymore’ }
The word ‘organic’ has been on the horizon for a while now. In 2012 we saw a HUGE shift to the DIY era of weddings, and the more natural décor. However, in terms of organic, we are speaking of F L O W. Straying from the traditional ‘Ceremony-Cocktail Hour-Dinner-Parent Dance-Dessert’ is all the rage… Mix it up!
 { Stacy– I’m bringing sexy love back }
Our little love bug, Stacy, says ‘PUT THE LOVE BACK IN YOUR CEREMONY!’ And she is right. The ceremony is usually the last element of the wedding to be planned, but why not make it the first? After all, it is the reason for the big part that follows! Make it personal, make it special, make it YOU!
Whatever your style might be, we hope to work together to incorporate some of these fun ideas into your weddings!
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