Okay LONGWOOD Loves, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner… What is going through your minds? The day of grand gestures is here and has many of us stressed out to plan elaborate outings for our sweethearts.
There is a lot to hope for on this day of { LOVE } celebrations…

A decadent box of chocolates? Huge bouquet of roses? A romantic getaway? *A Proposal?*

And let’s face it, whether you’re happily committed or uninvolved… us ladies can’t help but daydream about the perfect Valentine’s Day. We think about the perfect guy, the perfect date, the start to a perfect love story that will go on and on forever…
 …all leading you to Longwood Venues + Destinations for your perfectly fabulous wedding! {KIDDING!}

Speaking of weddings, we saw The Knot‘s article about how Valentine’s Day { changes } after you are married. If this is true, we want no part in it! Shouldn’t life always be filled with romantic gestures, sweet words and delectable treats!? 
 That’s how we live here at LONGWOOD anyway!

In all seriousness, we want to pass along some fun, unique Date Night ideas for ‘Boston’s engaged crowd’ on Boston.com. Eating dessert cozied up by the fire is a close runner up to Lady and the Tramp’s spaghetti scene, no?


{ Ps. If you are one of those lucky ladies who gets proposed to this Holiday, we have a Sweetheart Open House at Belle Mer on Saturday the 16th from 12-4 and we would love to have you! }
However, if you are not always remember there is always someone that loves you, always.



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