After the excitement of an engagement, it can be a little hard to focus on the next step! Have no fear, we are here to help!
With these simple guidelines, you can easily navigate your way through all of the “congratulations!” and the “what have you planned so far?”
Think Before you Post
Do you really want your parents and closest friends to find out you got engaged through Instagram or Facebook? Remember, this is some of the most exciting news you can share with loved ones, so for the moment, fight the urge to tell the world.
You will Suddenly Become the Greatest Hand Model your Eyes Have Ever Seen
To say you will be STARING at your hand is an understatement, no matter the carat, cut, or color of your rock you will be more like GAWKING! Although you may have been imagining what your dream ring would look like on your finger for months now, nothing beats the real deal. So, GET A MANICURE! A nice pale pink or French will make the ring look even more glamorous when you flash it to admiring friends & family.
{ At least your hand & ring won’t be photographed as much as Kate Middleton’s! }
Better Safe than Sorry
If your beloved hubby to be hasn’t gotten your ring insured yet, hop to it! It will take a huge weight off your shoulders knowing that you are protected.Read The Knot’s Article about how to handle all of the insuring details!
Be Prepared to Answer Questions
Big Question #1 – “So when’s the big day?!”
ANSWER – Of course, having a specific day nailed down only weeks after you have been engaged is impossible. We suggest giving an answer that narrows it down to the year, time of year, and possibly month! That way everyone can start looking forward to your wedding day as much as you two are!
Big Question #2 – “How did he propose?!”
ANSWER – No matter how glamorous proposals are in the movies, in truth, not all are exactly like that. The key is to make your story as special to you as possible. So if you were completely surprised at home in your sweats… flaunt that! Everyone’s engagement story is different, that’s what makes them so fun to hear about!
The Part No One Likes to Think About… The Budget.
Before you start falling in love with venues and spending hours on Pinterest (sorry, MORE hours), have the budget discussion with everyone who will be involved for paying for the wedding. This will keep your thoughts in check when it comes to selecting which venues to visit!
And as Always, Relax!
This is your time; do not let anyone ruin it for you. When your friends and family members who have recently gotten married start offering up their sometimes overbearing ‘expertise’, take it with a grain of salt. Remeber they are just trying to help, if it gets you down, go for a walk, get another manicure, or have a movie night with your fiancé (yes, get used to saying that word!) Do whatever it takes to keep your spirits up and enjoy the happiness of your engagement!

 Congratulations to you and your fiancé! This process isn’t really as scary as some make it out to be, we promise!

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