Pantone 2013
They have arrived!
The Pantone colors of Spring 2013!
Out of all these amazing colors, { EMERALD GREEN } has taken the lead for Pantone’s Color of the Year. You can expect to see this color popping up everywhere this spring season. From throw pillows to evening gowns, Emerald is the new Tangerine!!!
Celebrities and Fashion Icons such as Elisabeth Moss, Catherine Zeta Jones, Mila Kunis and Angelina Jolie caught on to this approaching trend early in the 2012 season at the Golden Globe Awards. It is amazing how the green shade blends so nicely with each different hair and skin tone.

The lucious green tint exudes luxury, renewal, clarity, growth… money?
 No wonder the Pantone Color Institute picked it! Not to mention green is the worldwide symbol for luck and prosperity. This can only mean one thing, 2013 is going to be an amazing year!
This happy go lucky color is the most abundant hue in nature, and the color our eyes see more frequently than other colors. It is only natural to continue to incorporate it into our lives, and our events! Green hues give such a cohesive look to all events, adding an element of nature that we all love and appreciate. Whether it be in your bouquet, centerpieces or arbor, green is constantly present… why not accent it a little more?


We created this inpsiration board for our new favorite color to show you some fun ways to incorporate Emerald and some of the other 2013 Pantone colors (Linen and Grayed Jade featured) into your 2013 wedding!
Visit the Pantone  website for more information on how they chose the Color of 2013!
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